Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado Hemp Honey products were first made at Frangiosa Farms, when Nick French’s passion for beekeeping became the inspiration for ethical raw honey. He decided to incorporate the traditional beekeeping practices that consider the long-term effects of maintaining healthy bee colonies. The company offers honey directly from the farm and Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract from legal industrial hemp.

What is Colorado Hemp Honey?

Colorado Hemp Honey pairs pure, raw honey with Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract to create a nourishing treat. Enjoy the taste of raw honey and the earthy hint of hemp, which naturally contains full-spectrum CBD.

What Makes Colorado Hemp Honey Unique?

Colorado Hemp Honey is offered in its raw form or with the addition of organic lemon essential oil which creates a fresh, cool, slightly tart lemon essence that sharpens the mind. These infusions create restorative synergies that surpass the benefits of consuming each food individually.

What is Colorado Hemp Honey Used For?

You can use Colorado Hemp Honey in any of the ways you would use any other honey-- in tea, in salad dressings, on toast, in baking, or simply on a spoon!

Where Can I Buy Colorado Hemp Honey?

You can purchase Colorado Hemp Honey online at The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s website or in person at any of our retail locations.

Does Hemp Honey Get You High?

CBD honey does not make people feel high; it never contains more than .03% THC (as laid out in the 2018 Farm Bill).

Is Hemp Honey Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Dogs and cats can suffer from inflammation, digestive issues, and anxiety. After checking with your pet’s veterinarian, try putting a little Colorado Hemp Honey in their food (less than a teaspoon). Many have reported improvements in their pets’ health.