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Scott Campbell, Co-Founder of Beboe, named the company after his 85-year-old grandmother, who made his mother weed brownies when she was struggling with cancer. Scott founded Beboe in order to offer the sophisticated cannabis consumer an experience filled with high-quality ingredients and care-- just like his grandmother offered.

What is Beboe?

In 2017, the New York Times called the Los Angeles-based cannabis brand “the Hermès of Marijuana.” Their products are formulated with sophistication in mind, in terms of both quality of ingredients as well as design.

Where Can I Buy Beboe?

Beboe products (such as their vape) can be purchased on The Alchemist’s Kitchen website, or in person at any of our retail locations.

How to Use a Beboe Pen

Draw from the end of the pen that does not light up. Each pull is 2 mg of the finest quality CBD-- (all Beboe products comply with CA state Category 3 Testing, which tests for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, residual solvents, cannabinoids and terpenes).